Message from the PIBG Chairman ,

Canossa Convent Secondary School, Melaka

I congratulate the school of Canossa Convent Melaka for having launched this homepage. This goes to show that the school is in tune with today's information technology .

It is my wish to see students of today be encouraged to participate in computer technology and be well versed in this field. It is definitely an added advantage to have knowledge in computing and surely it would help them to facilitate the setting up of office automation either as a proprietor or making a career from it.

As PIBG Chairman of this school, it is also my earnest wish to see more able parents come forward to assist the running of the PIBG association more meaningfully and effectively.

It may be so that one of its functions of the PIBG is to raise funds for the school but much can also be done for our children in terms of knowing our children's attitude, moral behaviour and academic achievements through the teachers. We can also ensure that our children can get the maximum benefits from the education programme at school. Children must also be encouraged to make use of the school facilities to help them in the school activities or curriculum and to make compulsory a clean and healthy school environment .

As parents of children in this school, we must also promote the good relationship between parents and teachers by exchanging ideas and information about education in general. The PIBG society is also for the purpose of having forum and services for the improvement of our students, thus making the studying environment more conducive.

By and large, the PIBG's most important purpose is to provide a platform between parents and teachers at school to voice their ideas, encouragement and grievances so as to uphold the school standard at the highest possible level.

I thank the principal, Sr. Theresa Yeo and all the teachers for their support and dedication and I hope and wish you will keep up your good work for many more years to come.


Syabas !




Mr. Joseph Heng

Chairman of PIBG Canossa Convent Melaka
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