Message form Mother Provincial of the Canossian Sisters, Malaysia :
Sister Esther Thomazios

 For decades, the Canossian Sisters and the Staff of Canossa Convent, Melaka, together with their colleagues of Canossian Schools in Kluang and Segamat, have been committed to the education of our students. We have thousands of our alumnae, now educated citizens, serving in our Malaysian communities as career women and mothers of families.

The Canossian tradition has been the 'Formation of the Heart" or what we call Values Education as we concurrently strive towards academic excellence. This is in line with the educational objectives of our country. The quality of life that we seek for ourselves and our students will not be found merely in fame and fortune, but in personal integrity and a sense of meaningful purpose in life. Women today have their role as agents of change for the better and we hope to continue to prepare young women for this crucial role in society.

I take this opportunity to salute all our teacher educators and staff for their dedication that has made it possible for the Canossian Schools to give quality education to our students. I wish for all our Canossian educators to continue with us in this commitment to educate for therein lies the transformation of families and people.

May Magdalen of Canossa, our Foundress, be our inspiration in her legacy to reach out to all those in need especially the young.

God Bless you all!

Sr. Esther Thomazios

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