On a dark-blue background there shines a four-pointed Star with rays cast on to a book. It is the Star of Wisdom radiating on Knowledge. In our four-pointed Star is represented the very aim of our life to make it a real success by the study and practice of the four basic social principles, as the very foundation for peaceful-living and co-operation with others i.e.


  1. TRUTH sincerity in words, deeds, simplicity, straight- forwardness
  2.  JUSTICE honesty, fairness, respect for the rights of others
  3.  LOVE respect for the human person, readiness to help and share with others
  4.  FREEDOM mutual toleration and consideration for the principles of others

Directed by these four principles, we may learn to view life as a wonderful opportunity for giving of our very best in the service of mankind, so that when we pass out of this wonderful world we may confidently hope to leave behind us a corner that has become a little better because of us.

In the lower part of the badge there are three words in Latin :

VIA The Way : how to walk confidently on your path of life in spite
                           of its difficulties

VERITAS The Truth : how in these confusing times to distinguish what
                                        is right from what is wrong

VITA The Life : how to make a great success of your life


The shape of the School Crest matches that of the Canossian Sisters shield, with the Crown above it symbolising the supremacy of God over all and All for the Glory of God.


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